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Free live TV streaming channels (now with Fox Kids, ABC, ESPN, Spike TV and BBC News Live)

As a companion to the free TV shows on the web thread for those who like live TV here's what I've been able to find:

Note: If you want to watch any of these on your TV you'll need a HDTV with HDMI input and a computer with DVI out along with a $10 DVI -> HDMI cable (or a HDTV with VGA in to jack in your computer via it's VGA out) . If you don't have these you'll need a video card with TV out.

Most channels are crap however there is:

Spike TV
Sci-Fi Network (the USA one)
Comedy Central 24 hour news station for the local LA area (great for those car chases)

as well as a Canadian whose streaming his own all movie channel under the name CBNS 2 (he's doing a Star Wars festival today)

You can view it on their website however if you want full screen you'll need to download the app. Note that the HBO that's listed isn't the real HBO - it seems to be some all Asian movie network with eng subs.

Also note that at least all the networks (ABC, CW and CBS) are west coast feeds so you'll need to factor in time zones.

CNN US, Fox News, USA Network and Tru TV (Real life reality channel from Time Warner)

Scroll down to the video window. Look for the full screen icon in the video control box to the right of the video.

CNN US audio stream from

CNN International :

ESPN (not sure if it's the American version or an intl variant since I don't watch sports)


Watch Fox Kids here:

Found a live stream for Fox Japan here:


(Just click the "open url" link in Windows Media player and paste)

or watch in your browser:

The US programming is in english so it looks like only the commercials and infomercials (yep...they've got them tere too) are in Japanese

Live BBC News Channel:

TNT can be viewed here in embedded video:

Watch Fox west coast feed in embedded video:

Watch ABC west coast feed in embedded video:


Not Free ($4 US a month)

However if you want to access all the BBC channels then check out this thread below on info for how to subscribe to a VPN service to view the BBC channels in Canada from your PC.

Radio: 350+ free online streaming stations from various US markets

Plus I'm currently researching Sopcast however from what I've seen online so far it doesn't look like there's anything good there.

You are welcome to post any links you know in comments area, thanks.